One of the finest illusions in all of magic, the beautiful assistant

is hypnotized, she lies on the couch, you cover her with a cloth,

and she begins to float in the air. Slowly and dramatically she

rises until she is out of reach. As she begins to decend, you

reach up, whisk the cloth away, and, in the words of Howard

Thurston, "She Vanishes like a fading cloud..." real magic.

$5975 plus shipping

Pictured is one of Rich's renderings of an asrah couch design - and of course this can be designed

with your style in mind! Let us know what you'd like!

Need an ATA Case for your illusion?  Add $1350.
Asrah Levitation
Cloth Color

Shipping is calculated and billed seperately when your order is placed. 

We make every effort to provide the most cost effective shipping for you!

Note: Your Asrah is built custom for you. Please inquire about turn around time.


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