Lightning Bolt Square Circle


An elegant box with a lightning bolt cutout is shown to be empty.

Accompanying the box is a flashy tube, which is also shown empty.

For some wonderful reasons, our Square Circle

does not require a front "gridwork" panel as has been traditional.

It appears completely empty at close range!

When both items are nested together,

you can produce a huge load of production items (silks, flowers, doves, etc.)

The prop measures 8"square by 12" tall, with a load capacity of 5 inches by 11 1/2 inches.

- Wow! Wow!Wow!! I just received my Lightning Bolt Square Circles today.

They are AMAZING! You are a true asset to the magic community with the craftsmanship you offer.

I will certainly be back for more. Thanks again for your excellence! - Stephen Geribo



Looking for a stage size square circle? Click here!

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